Writing is Connection

I love writing. It is my way to connect. 

When I was a teenager, I wished for a way to share my thoughts with my classmates through writing without literally giving them a letter. Since the internet wasn't invented then, I started a shared diary with my closest friends where we wrote our thoughts, feelings and fears down. That is how I found my voice and the power of connection through writing. 

Since then I am passionate about telling the story of people who aren't able to do that themselves. As a journalist I traveled the world from Berlin to France to China to Africa, to tell the stories of inventors, survivors and strugglers through all ages for German newspapers and magazines. For over 15 years I work for print, online and corporate publishing as a freelancer, an editorial staff member and as a chief editor.  

So, if you need a story-driven content-lover, contact me. Let me find the unique angle of your story and share it.


Podcast with SWR Aktuell-Moderator Andreas Herrler about vacation trips with children

The summer holidays have started. For many families, that means a long ride in the car or a plane – and that can be exhausting. The little ones are bored and want to be entertained. SWR Aktuell presenter Andreas Herrler discussed the tricks for longer trips with children with journalist Saskia Weneit – she speaks from experience, because she has a small son herself.

I might have found the Danish trick for happiness. At least during winter season. Want to know more? Then listen to my research in the latest Episode of the Podcast What the Denmark.

A few months ago I opened a new chapter in my life and moved to Vejle in Denmark. Through my curious journalist eyes, there are stories to tell everywhere.

So when I talked to Sam Floy and Josefine Volqvartz about their fantastic Podcast we agreed that we had to do an episode about this crazy Danish thing: winter bathing. From October to April, tons of Danes are dipping into the freezing ocean and coming out with a bright smile.

I talked to experienced winter bathers like Helle Goller, the ice swimming champion Mette BL Thomson and Jørgen Hedevang  - and even tried it myself.


The progress of half a year is lost

How could refugee children learn at home during the Corona school closures? A teacher, a student and a headmaster tell their stories. Report for ZEIT ONLINE

"Music connects us" 

The three sisters Manar, Ikram and Sofia love classical music. Not just because of their social background they are the exception rather than the rule. About an enthusiasm that almost didn't exist.



On stage, everyone is equal: 

For him, theater is like skydiving: if you're afraid of falling, you don't fly. A portrait of the theater teacher Markus Höller, who brings students with and without handicaps to the stage.


"This is your school!"

Pink picture frames, a golden table tennis table, cozy chill-out zones: a report about a school in Mainz that lets its students redesign the building – and thus changes more than just the look. 

Children / Family

Corona-Crisis: Time out for parents

The lockdown has changed the everyday life of many people, often made it more exhausting. How to switch off anyway, calm down and hold out for the long haul. Article for Der Spiegel

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Germany's largest food magazine for young families: With a print run of more than 480,000 copies*, YUMMI reaches around 790,000 readers** per issue. YUMMI is the EDEKA magazine for children between the ages of 7 and 12 with recipes, reports, games and puzzles.

* IVW 2/2020 
** Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach, AWA 2020

Relaunch-Concept 2017, Chief Editor 2017-2018, 

Rainy afternoons with children

Days can be long, days with impatient children: much longer. What do you do there as a parent? Our author Saskia Weneit, mother of a son, has become an idea expert over the years. Article for Der Spiegel

Wanderlust for everyone

"When are we there?" or "I'm thirsty!" – does this seem familiar to you? Then these tips might help you. Article for Der Spiegel.

Baby to the table – that's how it works with the first meal

The baby is ready for the first porridge? Great, then the madness can begin. But when? And what? And how? Article for Der Spiegel. 


Wie bekommt man einen Kita-Platz im Büllerbü Berlins? Eine Bedarfsanalyse.


Edition 11/2019, Coverstory "Jung und laut" ("Young and load")

Throughout the country, students are demonstrating for climate protection and the power of reason. DB MOBIL shows the faces of the movement and their ideas. 

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Report about e-mobility

Whether it's an e-bike, a bicycle truck or a cargo ship – for engineers Matthias Rheinlaender and Maximilian Czelinski, nothing in the energy transition is possible without solar energy. A visit to their open high-tech workshop at the Westphalian University in Gelsenkirchen, where they are rethinking electromobility.

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Marcella Hansch has swapped architecture for saving the oceans. With her idea she wants to filter plastic on the rivers and oceans.


taz am Wochenende


A Syrian band flees to Berlin together. Saskia Weneit accompanied them their first months in the capital – until their first concert.

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Report about integration

How well does integration succeed? Do people stick together? Communities can test this with a self-check. The district of Teltow-Fläming took part: There is a lot to do in three areas.



A support group for the asylum seekers in Strassburger Strasse runs a clothing store, sets up a toddlers' group and organizes a party for the residents and neighbors in the neighborhood.

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Whether they are refugees or have a migration background, starting out in a foreign school system is not easy. An impulse paper by Christiane Bainski shows: The need for counseling and qualification is high.

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EURO Magazin

Report from the board of a cruise ship, from shipyards and shipping companies.

Der Tagesspiegel

Report from Beijing about living with massive airpollution – as part of the two-month research fellowship from the International Journalists' Program in Asia.

Die Zeit 

Designing separately, selling together: In Prenzlauer Berg, female designers are taking the plunge into self-employment. Report about the fashionable district.

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Product news, practical recommendations, tips on store business and news from on-the-go supplies.

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