Writing is Connection

I love writing. It is my way to connect. 

When I was a teenager, I wished for a way to share my thoughts with my classmates through writing without literally giving them a letter. Since the internet wasn't invented then, I started a shared diary with my closest friends where we wrote our thoughts, feelings and fears down. That is how I found my voice and the power of connection through writing. 

Since then I am passionate about telling the story of people who aren't able to do that themselves. As a journalist I traveled the world from Berlin to France to China to Africa, to tell the stories of inventors, survivors and strugglers through all ages for German newspapers and magazines. For over 15 years I work for print, online and corporate publishing as a freelancer, an editorial staff member and as a chief editor.  

So, if you need a story-driven content-lover, contact me. Let me find the unique angle of your story and share it.